X-Arcade Complete Replacement & Repair Bundle

X-Arcade Complete Replacement & Repair Bundle

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Complete Replacement Set For X-Arcade

This nifty bundle includes a complete replacement cable set for your X-Arcade, plus extra microswitches for on-site replacement of any button switch. Great option if you've lost your cable, dog ate it, or the wife got angry at you for playing too much Donkey Kong and stuck your cables in the blender.

If you've purchased a 2nd-hand X-Arcade, this will include all possible cables to replace the connections from the PCB to any computer or any X-Arcade Game System Adapter.


What's Included:

  • 1X-Arcade Serial Game Console Adapter Cable  (allows you to connect any X-Arcade directly to any X-Arcade Adapter)
  • 1 X-Arcade USB/PS-2 Connector For Computer (allows you to connect any X-Arcade directly to Keyboard PS-2 port or USB per USB FUNCTIONALITY below)
  • PCB Cable (for X-Arcade with cable dangling out the back)
  • Extra micro switches for buttons (2)

Important: Please read the requirements for your X-Arcade Version:

PS-2 Version

If the back of X-Arcade looks like the top picture with an old PS-2 port from 2000-2002 X-Arcade models, there are special requirements for you to use your X-Arcade:

  • YOU MUST HAVE a PS-2 Keyboard connected to the port on the back
  • YOU MUST CONNECT this bundle's PS-2 cable to a Keyboard PS-2 Port on your computer

If your computer was produced after 2005, it's unlikely you have a PS-2 port as these were replaced by USB PORTS.

To use a newer computer with your older 2000-2002 PS-2 X-Acade, YOU CANNOT purchase a third-party adapter to change a PS-2 to USB. You must upgrade to an X-Arcade USB Board. We will not provide any technical support for third-party/Radio Shack style adapters as these do not have electronics to convert PS-2 signals to USB.

*USB Functionality

  • NO Keyboard needs to be connected to your X-Arcade with this version
  • If you want to program your X-Arcade, it will require a PS-2 Keyboard connected to the back of the unit

For the USB functionality, your X-Arcade will look like the bottom pic and uses our current-generation X-Arcade USB Board

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
harvey fenellere

Packaging 100
Cords 100
Quality 100
Pieces 100
Less talk just pure Quality product
Its like the company is telling me to shut up. Cuz everything is fine and under control. Over all quality 100.

Harvey Fenellere
Plan Motiff

Samuel M.
Best customer service ever

I own a tank two players stick since 2012 never had any issues until my board to DB9 got damaged due to wear and tear, so I tried to get a new one but for some reason the store doesn't let me get it ship to my address, so I contacted customer service and next day they gave me a way to get it shipped, I really appreciate it


Completely satisfied with what I ordered came in a timely manner

Paul Stubbs
Thanks for sorting it out

Just recieved my SECOND set of cables - after the one cable I needed was accidentally omitted from the first set

You were as prompt as you could be - even though my "support ticket" warned me of a several months backlog

If I was a US customer, I would definitely still give you 5 stars ... but I'm a UK customer, so I needed to wait an extra 2 weeks - but you did all that you could possibly do to rectify the problem as swiftly as possible, including extra cables and microswitches
So, I'm giving you 4 stars

Not least because I love my X-Arcade Dual Stick - ever since I tripped over it in TK-Maxx while looking for a Xmas present for my dad!

There were two there, just lying on the floor with bootprints on the packaging, uncared for and unloved. I gave one of them a home then and there! (£60 - Xmas indeed! ... but dad would have to wait ..)

One week later, one of my music students confessed that he was into retro games like me ... I bet that the other Dual Stick in TK-Maxx was still lying on the floor, unwanted ...

Next week, he proudly said "I got it! Thanks!" :)) He was so happy.

That was over 20 years ago, my dual stick is still being awesome - and I took the opportunity to upgrade the board a few years ago
I've never had to replace any microswitch, despite giving it a pounding most days! Amazing.

I own three controllers:
My Saitek steering wheel for driving simulation/rally games
My awesome Thrustmaster flight stick with thrust controller for the likes of Star Wars
And, the pride of my collection, my X-Arcade dual-stick for arcade games and virtual pinball

I've given you 4-stars, but feel free to quote the nice bits from this, hopefully, very nice true story, for publicity etc.

Charles Weatherly
It worked!!

I got it working again