Arcade Machine Cabinets

Arcade Machine Cabinets


Full-sized, commercial-gradeauthentic and indestructible arcade machine cabinets. Pre-built, lifetime warranty and fanatical service from the leading home arcade brand with nearly 20 years experience.  Includes over 250 classic arcade games.

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"X-Arcade Machine" Full-Sized Arcade Cabinet With 250 Classics

Passionately designed to deliver the authentic experience of an entire 80s arcade with a full-sized, commercial-grade arcade cabinet. Relive arcade classics AND take control of your favorite console games — from a real arcade machine! Just plug in and start playing one of the 250+ built-in arcade classics.

"Arcade2TV Showcase" With 250+ Arcade Classics

Recreate the 80's arcade experience on any HDTV and pimp out your game room, basement or office while playing 250+ built-in arcade classics. Relive the Golden Age of gaming with Pittsburgh-based Xgaming's unbreakable and modern arcade game system. A great alternative if you prefer arcade gaming on a big-screen HDTV.
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