Superhuman Performance With Your X-Arcade™ Joystick

JoystickGame experts around the world have already crowned the X-Arcade™ as the best arcade joystick available, but you might be wondering what kind of performance you'll experience with this indestructible beast.

Imagine the smooth marriage of ultra-fast electronics and meticulously engineered components coalescing to provide the conclusive weapon for your gaming battles.

Using your entire hands, not just those tiny-thumbs — you'll experience the real arcade feel of lighting-fast buttons and agile joysticks with the instantaneous execution of your movements.

Keyboards, game-pads and the competition will be left wanting ...

Who Said Power And Precision Are Mutually Exclusive?

Your X-Arcade™ packs the power of a bulldozer and elegance of a figure skater so you can gracefully annihilate the competition.

Play Fighting Games Like They Were Meant To Be

Use your X-Arcade™ with fighting games like Street Fighter IV™ or Tekken 6™ to pull off ridiculous combos that you'd never imagine possible.

Smash the buttons, hammer the joysticks in full circles as you hit super combos. Unbreakable joysticks and authentic wood design ensure you don't have to be held back while you game.

Trade your keyboard or cheap plastic gamepad for the real thing


Authentic Arcade Joystick–For True Arcade Gaming

The X-Arcade's™ built-in arcade joystick handles are exactly like the one you'd find on a stand-up arcade machine and provide the centerpiece for precise control of your games.

"Indestructible. It gets my highest recommendation" PC Magazine

Instantly Compatible With Mame Roms For A Classic Arcade Experience

If you want realism and performance reliving thousands of arcade classics on your computer — the X-Arcade™ works with all emulation software and is the best priced, highest quality option available. If you are building an arcade cabinet: X-Arcade™Joystick is your solution.

Playing classic arcade favorites like Ms. Pac-Man™, Space Invaders™, Robotron™, and Street Fighter™ has never been more fun.

The authentic feel of a real arcade joystick shaft in your hand will trigger the muscle-memory from the good-old days when you dropped fistfuls of quarters into your favorite arcade game!


Dual Authentic Arcade Joysticks For True Arcade Gaming

Real commercial grade arcade joysticks provide the centerpiece for full control of all your games. Use the dual joysticks for arcade games which support two joysticks at once like Robotron™, Crazy Climber™, Elevator Action™, Karate Champ™ and more.

No other game controller or joystick can provide the authentic and realistic control these dual joystick games were designed for.

Authentic Arcade Wood For Authentic Arcade Feel

Commercial-grade quality and durability built to withstand button smashing and fist-pounding arcade action instill an authentic and realistic experience. Customers claim "It feels like you ripped the top of an arcade machine off and plugged it into my game system."

Programmable Buttons For On The Fly Adjustments To Your Game

Fully programmable arcade buttons allow you to assign your favorite functions in any game with no software required. When you want to change a move or the layout, do it on the fly with real-time, easy to use button programming..


Authentic Pinball Buttons For A Real Pinball Gaming Experience

The X-Arcade™ features real pinball buttons on each side, laid out exactly like a real pinball arcade machine! Download pinball titles and turn your computer into your favorite pinball machine.

Use the most authentic joystick for pinball games.

Insane Precision, Performance and Control

The X-Arcade™ will catapult you back in time to an age where game play mattered and simplicity was king. Even better; it works with everything, is simple to setup and lasts forever.

But enough blowing our own horn, read what the experts think:


"The X-Arcade is arcade perfect."


"The best universal joystick created."


"The best arcade stick money can buy!"
"In use, the controller is fantastic."
"It's MAME compatible, too, so revisiting all those arcade classics is a snap."
"It's not only the most adaptable controller on the market, but the most durable, as well. "


"The X-Arcade™ is truly the best arcade joystick on the market. there isn't a thing I would change about this controller."


"The best arcade stick on the market."
"The motion on the stick is unparalleled"
"More responsive than any other unit on the market and tough enough to withstand years of pounding, fighting aficionados should do themselves a favor and pick this one up as soon as they can.

PC Magazine - John C. Dvorak

"You have to see this device to believe it."


"Everything about the X-Arcade harkens back to the glory days of the arcade."
"Honestly, several of us at TeamXbox have tried to find something critical to say, but after over 100 games with The X-Arcade, we are thoroughly impressed."
"You want this controller. You need this controller."

Want Superhuman Performance On Your Games?

Get to ownin' an X-Arcade™ Tankstick or an X-Arcade™ Game Room Machine and inject superhuman control to your gaming battles!

If you still need convinced, learn why the troops at Xgaming are committed to the ultimate arcade gaming experience.