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Dubbed the "best arcade joystick on the planet" and the "most versatile and authentic arcade machine ever created." Below is a sampling of some game-industry buzz about the X-Arcade™.

X-Arcade™ On HBO's Entourage™

The X-Arcade™ was featured on HBO's™ hit series Entourage™ and was specially written into the script for the show. Key line: "I know $250 bucks is a lot to spend on a controller, but with this stick — I'm taking home the belt!" "I'm super-human with this stick!" ADULT Language!!   Great free product placement:

Special thanks to HBO™ and Chris Hartemink for the video editing

X-Arcade™ On Alias ™

Fans of the hit TV series Alias™ were surprised to see their favorite arcade controller, X-Arcade™ spearheading an undercover mission. Check out the video below!

X-Arcade™ Review By Classic Game Room

X-Arcade™ Linux Journal Review

X-Arcade™ Tankstick Overview


  • FHM Magazine

    Space Race Cocktail makes  FHM's "7 Coolest Gadgets In The World." 


    "X-Arcade Machine: The best all-around arcade cabinet."
    "The unit includes a 29-inch CRT monitor, and all the expected button/joystick inputs. One of the other benefits of the X-Arcade is ease of use, when it comes to loading in new ROMs via MAME. And more impressively, this cabinet can also connect to game consoles and includes a lifetime warranty"

    X-Arcade Machine Review

  • Engadget

    X-Arcade Dual Joystick review

  • Gambit Magazine

    "The standard by which all others are judged."
    "In all that time I have never, ever, found a joystick as rugged and stylish as the X-Gaming line of stick."

    X-Arcade Dual Joystick Review

  • The X-Arcade Machine makes EuroGamer Germany's Christmas Gift Guide:

  • 2D-X Excellence Award

    Dual Tankstick Excellence Award


  • PC Magazine Editors Choice Award

    Dual Joystick Review

    PC Magazine John C. Dvorak Review


    Patrick Norton talks up the X-Arcade on his fine video podcast show Tekzilla. Great show, be sure to check it out!

    See Video


    "The best arcade stick on the market."
    "The motion on the stick is unparalleled"
    "More responsive than any other unit on the market and tough enough to withstand years of pounding, fighting aficionados should do themselves a favor and pick this one up as soon as they can.

    Tankstick Review
    Trackball Review
    Dual Joystiick Review


    "The best arcade stick money can buy!"
    "In use, the controller is fantastic."
    "It's MAME compatible, too, so revisiting all those arcade classics is a snap."
    "It's not only the most adaptable controller on the market, but the most durable, as well. "


    I love the X Arcade Solo and all it represents. Overall the X Arcade Solo is the next best thing to actually playing in an arcade, actually on second thought, it is better

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    In conclusion, I really have to hand it to XGaming: I am very impressed by this unit. This is a well-thought out gaming peripheral that delivers performance beyond what you would expect. At $129 it's also an outstanding bargain. It's rare that you get a product that not only performs near the top of its class but is bargain priced as well! Recommended by RetroBlast.


    "Sturdy construction, great quality, and good control response makes it easy to recommend the X-Arcade stick. If you want to play the games of yesteryear or play fighters on the current and upcoming consoles, this quality unit will fit the bill nicely. "

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    "The X-Arcade™ is truly the best arcade joystick on the market. there isn't a thing I would change about this controller."


    X-Arcade Dual Joystick Featured In "The Ultimate Gaming Gear" Section Of Popular Science Magazine.

    Check Out The Ultimate Gaming Rig


    "Sturdy construction, great quality, and good control response makes it easy to recommend the X-Arcade stick. If you want to play the games of yesteryear or play fighters on the current and upcoming consoles, this quality unit will fit the bill nicely. "

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    "I'd recommend this product to any gamer looking for an authentic arcade feel at home. WHen the X-Arcade is stacked up to it's console specific competitors, everyone else falls flat.


    Editor's Choice 10 out of 10

    "The only thing that would make the X-Arcade Solo a more perfect representation of an arcade controller would be if there were cigarette burns in the laminate. Not only is the X-Arcade Solo finely crafted and sturdily constructed, it works flawlessly with the games for which it was intended, namely fighters and arcade ports. "

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    "The Ultimate Gaming Rig!"

    Read More (Adobe PDF 3MB)


    "The best universal joystick created."


    "Best new toy on the market."

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    Old-Style Play
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    " Fans of fighting games are always looking for the ultimate joystick. The X-Arcade™ stick may be just that."

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    "The X-Arcade is arcade perfect."  


    "Holiday Gift Guide"


    " The X-Arcade Classic Authentic Arcade Joystick is an amazing product and has to be the best universal joystick that man has ever seen. It’s just like having your own personal arcade."


    "Christmas Gift Guide"


    "When coupled with the MAME compatibility, easy of use, quality construction, lifetime warranty (did I mention that there’s a lifetime warranty?), and support for future consoles, the stick is a bargain.
    "Buy it, play it, love it, and play it some more."


    The X-Arcade™ was featured in the December issue of FHM® Magazine on their Christmas Wish List


    "Editor's Choice"
    "The X-Arcade just screams quality the moment you take it out of the box."
    "It’s truly one of the best arcade setups I’ve played with. "

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    "To put it bluntly, I am now an X-Arcade bigot, I am in heaven playing some of my old arcade games as they were presented to me when I was a mere teenager. The X-Arcade greatly enhances my ability to enjoy the experience."


    "Create the glory days of gaming with the X-Arcade™"


    "The Rolls Royce"


    "The X-Arcade™ is the only way to play fighters and arcade-style games on the GameCube, all other consoles, and your PC. If you've got the cash, the X-Arcade cannot be beat."


    "The Best Piece Of Hardware I've Used In 10 Years!"
    "The bottom line is the X-Arcade is a fantastic piece of hardware with parts that are all replaceable and a Lifetime Warranty to boot


    " The X-Arcade Classic Authentic Arcade Joystick is an amazing product and has to be the best universal joystick that man has ever seen. It’s just like having your own personal arcade. "


    "The video game arcade is truly brought to the home with this slick device."

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    "The unit itself is impressive. It's built to last and every inch is pure quality."

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  • T3 UK

    If your trips to the seaside as a young whippersnapper were more about visiting the arcades on the seafront promenade than paddling in our freezing, polluting seas, then the X-Arcade is sure to bring a tear of nostalgia to your eye. We tried it out with the MAME arcade emulator, and quite simply, it's the mutt's nuts. It might seem pretty expensive, but if your serious about arcade games, its the best there is.

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    We all have fond memories of our favourie arcade games and the X-Arcade aims to revive them. Large and retro, the controller works with PC, PS2 and Xbox. Just plug it into the PC, dowload some classic arcade games from the internet and relive those childhood moments.


    "The X-Arcade™ is a fine, fine piece of hardware, a worthy addition to any arcade gamer's must-have gear."


    "Hella fun. Fully programmable. Tough enough for hard-core gamers."


    “I can’t recommend this controller enough, particularly to those who favor arcade-style games on their Mac™

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    "Game Hardware Hall Of Fame"


    " Anyone who buys the X-Arcade will certainly get what they pay for"
    "Seriously, there's nothing quite like setting up your iBook to mirror on your 20 inch TV and bringing a friend and the X-Arcade up to the living room for some good old Street Fighter Alpha 3 action, or using the X-Arcade and a keyboard or a gamepad for some four-player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."


    "X-Arcade™ Trackball Reviewed with a video at Retroblast. Kevin says "Exceptional value!".

    See The Video Review (Youtube)


    It's interesting to note, even with the complexity of games like Call of Duty 2, F.E.A.R., and Quake 4, that arcade products like these still exist and are thoroughly enjoyed. The hardware required for playing these games can set you back thousands. While this controller is not meant for these games it's still a blast to revive and play the oldies. Some of you younglings don't remember games like Asteroids or Pong, but I do..




    "This product is one seriously hardcore authentic controller that puts most other so-called game controllers to shame! Remember what a real arcade control panel felt like? Well this is exactly the same, except you are at home!"



    "The X-Arcade Solo One Player Controller has all the solid construction and fun factor as their original X-Arcade but is designed for one at a more affordable price. This unit has many programmable buttons, works with all gaming consoles and the PC. In no uncertain terms, this product kicks butt! Watch the Video to find out more...


    "Rock solid construction and replaceable parts go a long way towards an image of indestructibility."
    "Even better, this device's universal attachments and XGaming's seeming commitment to support every platform under the sun should ensure that you will never need another arcade controller, ever"
    "For players with multiple systems, or those who demand authenticity from their arcade titles, this board is an absolute must, as its construction was clearly a labor of love. . "


    "Everything about the X-Arcade harkens back to the glory days of the arcade."
    "Honestly, several of us at TeamXbox have tried to find something critical to say, but after over 100 games with The X-Arcade, we are thoroughly impressed."
    "You want this controller. You need this controller."

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    "Acclaimed director Kevin Smith used the X-Arcade™ as the controls in a gift for Ben Affleck

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