Shipping X-Arcade Machines Outside USA/Canada

We are excited to offer a new service to ship our award-winning arcade machines anywhere in the world. 

Anywhere In The World: Outside USA/CANADA

Here's how it works:  Add the arcade machine to your cart and select International Shipping.  We'll put your arcade game in an Internationally-Approved Wooden & Virtually Unbreakable Shipping Crate.   We build these crates specifically for the machines and it helps ensure the machine will be protected during transport.

Delivery will be by ocean to your country's main shipping port.  You'll be required to find a delivery service in your country to take transfer of the goods at the port and deliver to your home/business and handle the brokerage/import of the item.

After you order, we will reply to confirm your choice of port. If you want, at this time we can also provide a quote for last mile delivery from the port to your door from UPS FREIGHT.  These quotes must be provided manually and we will not provide this quotation until after an order is placed.

Also, we cannot answer any questions on the fees for your country's import or taxes on a home arcade machine.


You'll need arrange for your freight forwarder or carrier to pickup the unit at the shipping port.   X-Arcade Machine (or Arcade2TV With TV Stand) crate is 850LBS, 85x53x44.  Arcade2TV crate is 60x55x55, 350 LBS.  

Takes approximately 30 days to deliver to the port, all International orders for arcade machines will require a passport/ID for order verification.

The X-Arcade Machine has a large handle on the top rear and industrial-grade wheels so any 1 person can tilt and move into desired location.  The Arcade2TV has 4 industrial wheels and can be rolled by 1 person or lifted by 2 persons