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The X-Arcade™ brand of arcade gaming products has received critical worldwide acclaim while earning the reputation as the "best arcade joystick on the planet" and the "most versatile and authentic arcade machine ever created." Below is a sampling of some game-industry buzz about the X-Arcade™.


Arcade2TV Machine On Canadian TV

X-Arcade Machine On Canadian TV

X-Arcade™ With Will Wheaton

X-Arcade Back To The Arcade Commercial

X-Arcade™ On HBO's Entourage™

The X-Arcade™ was featured on HBO's™ hit series Entourage™ and was specially written into the script for the show. Key line: "I know $250 bucks is a lot to spend on a controller, but with this stick — I'm taking home the belt!" "I'm super-human with this stick!" ADULT Language!!   Great free product placement:

Special thanks to HBO™ and Chris Hartemink for the video editing

X-Arcade™ On Alias ™

Fans of the hit TV series Alias™ were surprised to see their favorite arcade controller, X-Arcade™ spearheading an undercover mission. Check out the video below!



    "X-Arcade Machine: The best all-around arcade cabinet."
    "The unit includes a 29-inch CRT monitor, and all the expected button/joystick inputs. One of the other benefits of the X-Arcade is ease of use, when it comes to loading in new ROMs via MAME. And more impressively, this cabinet can also connect to game consoles and includes a lifetime warranty"

    X-Arcade Machine Review

  • Engadget

    X-Arcade Dual Joystick review

  • Gambit Magazine

    "The standard by which all others are judged."
    "In all that time I have never, ever, found a joystick as rugged and stylish as the X-Gaming line of stick."

    X-Arcade Dual Joystick Review

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