2 Player Double Entry Arcade Coin Door (Pinball Coin Door)

Arcade Coin Door Double Entry

Regular price $60.00
Sale price $60.00 Regular price $80.00

Arcade Coin Door Double Entry

Regular price $60.00
Sale price $60.00 Regular price $80.00


Convert your arcade machine into a real arcade with this arcade perfect coin-door built from Iron! Features an indestructible design used by the largest arcade manufacturers and works with US Quarters! Purchase other Coin-Mechs to support local currency.

LED-Illuminated And Arcade Perfect

100% Authentic coin-door kit features LED back-light coin-entry with microswitch activator and includes everything you need to start raking in fistfuls of quarters. Optimized for use with MAME, Jamma or any encoder! Commercial-grade arcade coin-op kit at 1/2 the price of similarly equipped models. Guaranteed best price of any coin-mech + coin door kit in USA! and a 100% Plug-In Replacement On X-Arcade Machine.


Authentic Coin Door

  • Includes US Quarter Currency Coin Mech
  • Accept International Coins by installing any Happ International Coin Mech
  • Supports 1 coin mechanism, NOT upgradeable to 2
  • Easily add a commercial-grade authentic coin-door to your arcade machine
  • Compatible with any third-party encoder (Ipac, etc)
  • Works with X-Arcade or any normal Arcade Machine (Jamma)
  • Perfect for use with MAME
  • Microswitch-activated coin system (6 feet long connection cable included)
  • Unbreakable industrial-grade 16-gauge iron door with black coat finish
  • Illuminated LED backlight with power plug
  • Special connection cable for X-Arcade PCB (Computer Use Only!)
  • Easy installation with included mounting kit and bolts
  • Arcade standard dimensions 8 inches wide x 12 inches tall
  • Single entry coin acceptor with return cup
  • American Coin-Mech supports US Quarters
  • 100% Plug-In Replacement On X-Arcade Machine


MAME Builders: Add an arcade-authentic and fully operational coin door used by some of the largest arcade manufactures to your MAME Arcade Machine. Simply connect the included jumper wire to whatever is running your existing machine. (any Keyboard encoder or Jamma board). If you are building a new machine and need a simple way to interface your arcade machine/parts and a computer, check out our X-Arcade BYO Kit. At $49.95, you won't be breaking the bank at 50% below the cost of any comparable option.

Arcade Owners: If you are upgrading your beat-up old arcade machine or looking to accept quarters in a commercial environment, this fully-functional iron-coin door with working coin mech and LED back light will have you up and running in no time.

X-Arcade Integration

X-Arcade owners can rejoice with the included OPTIONAL sensor switch for connection to any existing X-Arcade! This special splitter connection cable allowing you to hijack the pinball switch/button on any X-Arcade, which by default inserts money for Arcade Games on MAME¬†so you can add credits/money to your game in any emulator (MAME specifically) by using either the Coin-Door OR pinball button on X-Arcade.

Please note: Your Pinball button will still function normally, the splitter simply allows the coin door button to use the keyboard command, too!

Accept International Currency And Coins, Too

US Quarters are supported in the included Coin Mech, but you can easily accept your own country's currency in this Coin-Door by purchasing one of these Happ International Coin Mech

What's Included

  • Iron Coin Door
  • US Coin Mech (Accepts US Quarters)
  • Lock And Key Set
  • Bolts With Mounting Brackets
  • Coin-selector Microswitch
  • LED Backlight With US Power Cable
  • 6 Foot Connectivity Cables For Any Encoder or Interface
  • Industry-standard Size
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Toll Free And Online Live Technical Support
  • To Install, Use a router to cut for the included coin-door frame.

Specifications / Diagrams

Coin Door Manual
Cutout Template

IMPORTANT!: The center pin of the coin door microswitch is not used. Use the 2 pins furthest from each other.

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I got it working perfectly thank you for this awesome coin slot


Product is acceptable however no one will answer or return calls, regardless of messages are left requesting purchasing considerations or advice.

Customer service star rating - 1 star
Product star rating - 2.5 stars


Very nice thank you

Your company never disappoints

Great Functionality

Works great in my cabinet, install was easy and configured in seconds


Purchased x2 for two arcade1ups I was modding. Looks and works great