You'll find competing machines built like IKEA furniture, skimping on the indestructible design, authenticity and flexibility of an X-Arcade.

Your X-Arcade™ is backed by Xgaming's nearly 20 years of award-winning service and support, so your machine has a lifetime warranty on the parts taking the most abuse: indestructible joysticks, electronics, trackball, buttons or switches. Any issues, we just send a modular replacement component that any non-technical person can easily swap out.

And you can feel secure knowing someone is there to help with any problems. Your X-Arcade™ has built-in Wi-Fi so we can login to update your system or provide technical service. No need for a super-genius on site, we'll be standing by. Computer and industrial-grade monitor (built for 24/7 commercial use (have 1 year warranty.)