SPECIAL X-Arcade + Glen's Retro Show Spinner SETUP!

Thanks for your purchase of Xgaming's Tankstick + Spinner Bundle
Please note, this is the landing page for the most up to date information on best way to install and use your bundled spinner.  Two different versions of spinners were available with this limited promotion.
1) One Is A Push-Pull Spinner WITH BUTTON Function
2) One Is A USB Spinner With No Button Function
Important to note the OPTIMAL BUTTON TO REPLACE ON ANY X-Arcade is the RED LED EXIT BUTTON ON TOP RIGHT (of select X-Arcades)
The Red Exit Button is a unique button that is assigned only to Mouse 3 function for computers, and that can be assigned as EXIT in some emulators. The RED EXIT BUTTON does not function as any button with the X-Arcade Game Console adapters. 
The SPINNER BUTTON (Push/Pull) is also just a Mouse 1 or Mouse 2 button. So you can replace the RED EXIT BUTTON, put in PUSH/PULL spinner, and you'll still have a Mouse Button Function.
The USB Spinner DOES NOT HAVE ANY BUTTON PUSH FUNCTION, so if you replace the RED EXIT BUTTON, you will lose the MOUSE 3 BUTTON.
If you have model of X-Arcade without the RED EXIT BUTTON, next best choice is to drill a 3/4 hole OR you can replace the Start 2 BUTTON if you are ok with LOSING the START 2 BUTTON function completely (on USB SPINNER) or just on consoles (with PUSH/PULL)
We understand this is incredibly complicated.  Keep in mind we've been producing the X-Arcade Controller since 2000, so you may have a version of the unit without the RED EXIT BUTTON from as much as 22 years ago.  In which case, please don't complain for what you've lost (a single button function or single function on consoles, but not PC), but that we are continuing to work and find ways to support your controller that has lasted 20 years.
You can also follow the instructions for installing in any other encoder or controller. Simply: The Spinners are Mice.  Mice don't work on game consoles, so they won't have the cool game console support, ever. :-(   But you can assign the PUSH/PULL mouse functions to whatever you want on a computer.
Here is link to setup information for spinner