Tips for Talking Your Wife Into Our Arcade Machine

So you want one of our Arcade Machines? The only thing standing in the way of you and this noble goal, is your loving and gorgeous wife. She’s a great woman, probably out of your league, but nonetheless she doesn’t get it, and doesn’t see why you ‘need another doo hickey gadget for that silly gameroom’.

Fear not good brother.

You are not alone, nor are you doomed to an empty and sad life devoid of an Xgaming Arcade Machine or even the X-Arcade Joystick 

Maybe we can help.

Tip #1

Tell her it's for your kids.

Tip #2

Regular use of an X-Arcade™ can be therapeutic for tense or strained marriages. Seems that pounding and smashing away at an Xgaming Arcade Machine controls is a safe and healthy way to vent pent up anger. Especially for female spouses.

Tip #3

Tell her it will build up your biceps. (pounding on those joysticks is a workout.)

Tip #4

Sell some of those unused powertools sitting in the garage, put them on Ebay to raise some funds

Tip #5

Start small. Just buy the Tankstick Two Player, and get your wife hooked on it. Download Ms. Pacman or her favorite arcade game from her youth. Then it will be much easier to manipulate , er, uh, I mean talk her into the ultimate Arcade Machine

Tip #6

If she is the practical type, tell her about the lifetime warranty. Tell her it is that last Xgaming Arcade Machine you will ever need.

Tip #7

Tell her that you can literally play thousands of games, and unlike your game consoles, each game doesn’t cost $50 bucks.

Tip #8

Get off your lazy butt and finally finish all those honey-dos around the house. Rub her back, open doors for her when your out and about. You know, do all the chivalrous stuff that ladies love. Then find the right moment to ask her. (Notice: Just because she says yes DON'T stop doing those things for her, you should have been doing them all along…she is after all, out of your league)

Tip #9

If all else fails and she seems as though she will never agree to let you have an Xgaming Arcade Machine, just talk a rich friend into buying one, then spend a lot of time at his house. Owning an Xgaming Arcade Machine by proxy is better than not having one at all.

Tip #10

Whatever you do, don’t guilt her into it, or lie or cheat or steal money from her cosmetic budget to pay for your X-Arcade Machine™. There are things more important than the Xgaming Arcade Machine, although we can’t think of any right now.

Tip #11

As a last resort, send her the following message from us:

Dear Lovely Wife,

So you just found out that your husband is an X-Arcade Machine™ kinda guy. Chances are he is doing his best to talk you into letting him buy one to put into the game room.

Chances are he is failing miserably.

The guys that love our gear come from all walks of life: rich, poor, diverse ethnic backgrounds, some are good lookin’ others not so much, but they all have one thing in common--They are attracted to things they don’t deserve. After all, he did marry up (way up) right?

We can certainly understand why you are convinced that an X-Arcade Machine™ is a silly expense, considering how much he has already spent on the game room. Still, there are a few benefits for you if he owns an X-Arcade Machine™. We wanted to make sure that you knew what they were before you ruled it out completely.

  • It will get him out of your hair on those painful nights when he is Mr. Claws and you are Mrs. Headache. Just suggest…”hey honey, why don’t you go play with the X-Arcade Machine™.”
  • Your kids will love it, and it’s one of those things that you won’t have to worry about them breaking.
  • You might love it. If you loved playing some of those old arcade games like Frogger, or Pacman, you can have some fun with it too.
  • It has a lifetime warranty with no fine print.
  • No hidden or down the road expenses, you don’t have to pay for maintenence or buying more 50 buck a pop games. And the any games you buy for your PC, or game system can be used with the X-Arcade Machine™.
  • Letting him get one will once again remind him that you are, indeed, all lovely, generous, gracious and out of his league. He will be soft clay in your hands, eager with a puppy like desire to please you and show his gratitude. It probably won’t last long, but if you haven’t seen him act this way in while, this will do the trick.

So again, unless you are so broke that you are rolling pennies to pay for baby formula, there are some decent reasons why you should let him get an X-Arcade Machine™.

But if you are still not convinced we understand. He should be thankful just to have you, period end of story.


The Boys at Xgaming - X-Arcade

Pittsburgh, PA