New X-Arcade PCB

After close collaboration with Xgaming's beta-testers, we are excited to announce that an updated encoder (the main electronics used to power the X-Arcade) is now featured in all X-Arcade Tanksticks or BYO or PCB kits and will be incorporated into any Solo/Dual built after Dec 1st, 2014.  Solo/Dual Joystick product pages will signify when PCB has been updated.   All Tanksticks have been switched over.

The following features were updated at the request of existing customers.

15 Simultaneous Button Presses

New encoder design can handle 12 simultaneous inputs/key commands and 3 additional using the modifiers (CTR, ALT, SHIFT) using USB cable. 

Change Programmed Modes Without Pressing Load Button

We have removed the requirement to press the load button to change modes.

Modes are changed (and loaded automatically) based on the position of the Mode switch.

Uses Arrow Keys For Player 1

No more issues with pressing the num-lock key on Windows as we are now mapped to the arrow keys (not num-lock keys).

Improved Speed

Newly designed board circuitry provides performance and speed matching any current encoder.

Common Ground 

Board circuitry now based on common ground.

Drop-In Replacement

Same connections as older PCB, drop-in replacement.