Warranty & Return Policy

Lifetime Warranty

X-Arcade Joysticks & Parts (Buttons, Joysticks, Console Adapters) are covered by a lifetime warranty with the exception of the wood/laminate/sticker and any LED or lighting, which has a one year warranty.  Third-party products sold or bundled with any product are covered by their original manufacturer's warranty.

The only item not covered under the lifetime portion of your warranty is standard wear/tear on your cables,  moisture/wear on the wood, sticker/laminate itself, or the stickers/markings on buttons (1P or 2P Start Buttons).  

Orders Within USA/CANADA

X-Arcade™ is  supported by Xgaming's industry leading service and support.

If your X-Arcade™ Controller is ever found defective Xgaming, Inc. will attempt to send replacement parts to your location to repair the problem as X-Arcade™ products were designed to be serviced easily like a real arcade; for anyone to easily service the buttons, switches or joysticks.

In the rare occasion your unit cannot be repaired with replacement parts, during the first 12 months after purchase, we will ship a refurbished X-Arcade™ to your location and include a pre-paid, return shipping label for you to send back the defective unit at our cost. 

NOTE: All items manufactured by Xgaming include a lifetime warranty. Wood or Laminate covering X-Arcade Controllers or Machines are only covered by a one year warranty.

However, since the X-Arcade Machine Cabinets Monitor and Game System/Computer/VGA ADAPTER are produced by third parties, they are covered by their own manufacturer's warranty.  

International Orders:

Customer is responsible for all duties and taxes on arrival. Xgaming, Inc. will not be responsible for these extra charges.

Customers outside of USA/CANADA are responsible for all shipping charges to/from our location, even for warranty repairs and replacement parts. The only exception is for DOA orders within 30 days of receipt of order, wherein replacement parts (not a replacement unit) will be sent at Xgaming cost for customer to replace on site.

For this reason, we encourage you to purchase products from your nearest distributor.  If you purchase from a reseller, please read their terms for warranty coverage. Usually resellers offer a limited one year warranty.

X-Arcade™ Machines: 

The joysticks, buttons, game controller and trackball which powers your unit (and takes the most abuse) are covered by a lifetime warranty. If those components fail, we send a replacement to your location (USA/Canada only) and the control system is easily removed without any technical expertise.   All other components carry their manufacturer's original 1 year warranty. The CRT Monitor is covered by a one-year warranty and technical support is handled by phone by the manufacturer. If the monitor needs replaced, we'll send a replacement to your location for you to swap out and we'll pay to return the defective monitor to the manufacturer. If the monitor fails after year 1, you'd need to pay for a replacement CRT or LCD monitor. The embedded computer has a 1 year warranty..  Standard wear/tear on the Machine wood is not covered by a lifetime warranty.

Warranty Conditions

The lifetime warranty IS NOT TRANSFERABLE, if you purchase from a third-party or from a reseller NOT LISTED on our site, your warranty is no longer valid. You are responsible for maintaining proof of purchase/records from authorized reseller or directly from Xgaming.

All claims must be made directly to Xgaming, Inc. with a proof of purchase from your retailer or distributor. Any items without a bill of sale will not be serviced and any returns or exchanges must be accompanied by first obtaining an RMA from Xgaming, Inc.. If it is determined that the X-Arcade™ has stopped working due to misuse or ,Xgaming, Inc. will not honor this repair procedure. 

NOTE: Xgaming, Inc. may deem that any and all warranty work can be done on site with customer replace-able parts replaced by customer.

Customization And Modifications

Opening, customizing and modifying your X-Arcade™ DOES NOT void your warranty. Have a blast and install your favorite buttons, joysticks or switches. 

However, if you change out any components or parts, you will not be able to receive a replacement unit: we will only send replacement parts as needed.


Xgaming, Inc.® warrants the X-Arcade™ Controller against defect in workmanship and materials as herein:

Labor: Lifetime; if Xgaming, Inc. determines that the equipment is defective subject to the limitations of this warranty, it will be replaced with a parts or a refurbished unit at no charge for labor.

Parts: Lifetime: Xgaming, Inc. will supply, at no charge, new parts to replace defective parts, against defect subject to limitations of the warranty.

The only item not covered under the lifetime portion of your warranty is standard wear/tear on your cables,  wear/tear/use on the wood or sticker/laminate itself, and the stickers/markings on buttons (1P or 2P Start Buttons).    In the case that you do damage or loose any cables, we make a replacement kit here.

In addition: Keeping an X-Arcade in a moist place (basement) with humidity may result in water damage to the wood or sticker to your X-Arcade and this is NOT COVERED under your warranty. 

These terms are for sales made directly by Xgaming, Inc. and differ from terms you may have to adhere to from the company you purchase the product from. Only purchased made from approved resellers and distributors will be warranted.

Xgaming, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any expressed or implied warranty of the Xgaming, Inc. X-Arcade™ controller, nor an incidental or consequential damages from the inability to use, or ability to use the controller. Under no circumstance shall Xgaming, Inc liability exceed the purchase price of the product as sold by Xgaming, Inc.. Xgaming, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to honor this warranty if any of above exceptions caused the product to no longer function correctly.

Return Policy And Procedure

Arcade Machines: Due to their large size and difficulty with shipping/packing: Arcade Machines are not returnable for any reason whatsoever. 

To return a product, please follow the steps outlined below.

Obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA#) within 30 days by requesting here:

Please provide the following information when requesting a RA#:

  1. Name of product being returned
  2. Reason for return 
  3. Name, Phone/Email 
  4. Order Number
  5. Shipping Charges Are Not Refundable (And You Pay Return Shipping)

Return the merchandise within 15 days of issuance of the RA#. Print the RA# clearly on the outside of the package.  Verify that all merchandise is in the original packaging with the UPC or bar code intact, and that all components, manuals, cables, and accessories are included. Products must be accompanied by the original packaging in unused condition. Items that do not meet these conditions will not be accepted. For your protection, please insure the package and use a "traceable" shipping method. 

Shipping charges are not refundable and you are responsible for return shipping charges.  You will only be reimbursed for the cost of the product.


Credit will be issued after our warehouse receives, inspects, and processes your return; however, your credit card company determines when the issued credit will be reflected in your statement. Please allow one to two billing cycles.

Toll Free Help Line - 1-866-942-6464
Outside United States - 001-412-894-7244