1.)    Power down machine

2.)    Remove tank stick

3.)    Remove glass bracket (see pic)

Remove Glass Bracket

4.)    Remove glass set aside being careful not to break

5.)    Remove CRT bezel

6.)    Unplug all connections for the CRT (Power/ serial cable….)

7.)    Remove CRT mounting screws from front of monitor brackets (top and bottom)

8.)    Have someone help you pull CRT out of cabinet – once it is pulled part way out it can be grabbed on both side on the crash bars to help lift it the rest of the way out

9.)    Take LED mounting brackets (there is a left and a right) the flush side goes against the inner wall of the cabinet (see pic)

10.)  Hold LED mounting bracket flush to the top of the existing CRT bracket (see pics)

11.)  Insert 2-3 mounting bracket screws – being careful not to run into the bracket too deep that they protrude through the cabinet side

12.)  Repeat for opposite side

13.)  Measure down from the top glass bracket board (it has a glass groove in it ) 5 11/16” and mark a line – repeat for opposite side (see pic)

14.)  Put LED into the opening and hold the top of the LED frame on the line you just marked (see pic)

15.) Put 2 LED mounting screws into the LED frame to check for alignment of bezel prior to putting all mounting screws in

16.)  Put LED bezel (black ABS) into cabinet and check to see if there is any metal of the LED showing through the opening of the bezel

17.)  If there is metal showing the LED can be adjusted up or down to center it into the hole of the bezel (you can also take a sharpie and carefully color the frame of the monitor to make it black to match bezel)

18.)  When the LED is where you want it put the remaining mounting screws in and tighten (you probably only need 2 per side but use your own discretion)

19.)  Install bezel – you may want to take a soft cloth and wipe any dust from the LED monitor – DO NOT use Windex on the LED monitor

20.)  Re-install glass (you may want to clean the glass both sides prior to re-installing)

21.)  Re-install glass bracket

22.) Crack open a beer and enjoy.