Become the Coolest Dad in the Universe!

So you thought you already were the coolest dad in the universe? You foolish, foolish man.

Everyone knows that you unless you own an X-Arcade ™ Machine and every kid has one in his/her room you can’t possibly be the coolest dad.

In fact the more X-Arcade ™ Machine Cabinets you own, the cooler you are in the eyes of your kids.
Not to mention all the other benefits…

X-Arcade Machine Cabinet Dad Images

  • Your sons will forever brag and tell their friends that their dad is the ultimate alpha male. He will model his own behavior after yours, for life.
  • Your kids will fight over who gets to take care of you in your old age.
  • Your kids will obey your every command and have nothing but complete respect for you, forever.
  • Your kids will grow up and have careers and families that will make your friends jealous, and wherever they go they will credit you, their dad, with their life success.

*****END OF FANTASY********

Ok, now that you have your mind firmly planted in reality… an X-Arcade ™ Machine is a cool thing that every father should have around the house.

  • Kids of all ages really do love it, they love all the old time games. As one kid said to us….It’s like a big gigantic gameboy.
  • They can’t break it, and if they did, we’d fix it. It’s part of the lifetime warranty. We told you no fine print.
  • You can rack up hours and hours of laughs and great family time trying out the thousands of classic games.
  • Save quarters. Those of you that have sons and daughter that actually go to the arcade these days, well this is a great alternative, and they never have to leave home.
  • An X-Arcade ™ Machine is a great way to keep them out of your hair at times.

While the X-Arcade ™ Machine won’t make you cool, it is fun. And fun is great father-kid relationship currency in any family.