A Great Game Room Accessory For Any Guy With Friends

X-Arcade Machine Playing With MenIf you’re anything like us, you probably a have a few friends.

And if you are anything like us, you like having some fun with your friends. A couple of beers, jokes, game of pool, cigars, or whatever. Right?

As great as friends are for all this kinda stuff, you might also secretly enjoy seeing your friends drool with envy over something they have and you don’t right?. That is, of course, if you are anything like us.

The X-Arcade ™ Machine is one of those drool worthy status symbol

The X-Arcade™ Doesn’t Judge You and Your Friends

Go ahead and have the boys over, relive the days in the arcade, have some great laughs, rack up some high scores, and pretty much waste hours of time you could have used doing something productive like volunteering in a soup kitchen, or mowing the lawn, or rescuing small kittens from trees. The X-Arcade™ won’t think any less of you.

Maybe you and your friends are productive members of society and you do things like take in orphaned puppys. If you are, then think of the fun friend time spent with your X-Arcade™ as your reward for all the sweat, tears, and puppy food you have freely given to make this a better world. The X-Arcade™ is really proud of you, well not so much, but you can pretend it is.

The X-Arcade™ treats you and your friends the same no matter who you are. If you are a well know celeb, or a bus boy at IHOP, you get the same dedicated performance.


As hard as it is for us to be serious, you and the guys will have hours of fun in your game room with your X-Arcade™, no matter if you get the X-Arcade™ Two Player Tankstick w/Trackball or the X-Arcade ™ Machine Cabinet

Seriously, you will.

We’re not kiddin’. Really we're not.