Arcade Coin Door Double Entry



Arcade Coin Door Double Entry

  • 2 Player Double Entry Arcade Coin Door (Pinball Coin Door)
  • Arcade Coin Door Double Entry

Arcade Coin Door Double Entry

Convert your arcade machine into a real arcade with this arcade perfect coin-door built from Iron! Features an indestructible design used by the largest arcade manufacturers and works with US Quarters! Newest design includes hybrid USB/AC power for LED. Add commercial-coin door to any arcade, including Arcade1up.

$80.00 $100.00

LED-Illuminated And Arcade Perfect

100% Authentic coin-door kit features LED back-light coin-entry with microswitch activator and includes everything you need to start raking in fistfuls of quarters. Optimized for use with MAME, Jamma or any encoder! Commercial-grade arcade coin-op kit at 1/2 the price of similarly equipped models. Guaranteed best price of any coin-mech + coin door kit in USA! and a 100% Plug-In Replacement On X-Arcade Machine.

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