January 2017 Winner Announced!

Thanks for registering to win our sweet home arcade machine. 

The winner is:

Travis Prebble, State College, PA


Space Race Cocktail Arcade Cabinet

Lumber Jacques Home Arcade 

Donkey Kong-Style Cabinet

Inject the ultimate arcade experience into your home game room or office. Bring back that twinge in your heart from the glory days of your local arcade. Unbreakable design with 67 INCHES tall-arcade authenticity. Relive the golden age of gaming with 250+ built-in classic arcade games. 


Forget about building your own arcade and instead let your romantic imagination for the past run wild. Boot up to a Netflix-style arcade interface with a massive library of built-in arcade classics, running on standard power. And don't worry breaking it, it's built like a friggin tank.

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Relive Thousands of Classics

Connect your X-Arcade™ to your PC or Mac™ and enjoy thousand of arcade legends and classic video games.

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