X-Arcade Cocktail Arcade Cabinet: Now Available

X-Arcade Cocktail Arcade Cabinet

We're excited to announce the newest product in our bullet-proof line-up of award-winning arcade joysticks and cabinets. Bring back that twinge in your heart from the glory days of your local arcade.

Introducing the glorious X-Arcade Cocktail Arcade Cabinet "Space Race"

We've re-created the most memorable arcade cabinet of all-time by combining a nostalgic aesthetic with the ultimate in flexibility and game compatibility.  Relive the glory days of your local arcade and induce nostalgia in your game room, finished basement or office break room.

Your mighty X-Arcade™ Cocktail will deliver the ultimate arcade experience to your home or office break room with 250+ built-in classic arcade games. No assembly required, just plug in and start playing with its American-Made, indestructible-grade design.  

We realize lots of people like to build their own arcade, so our focus was to create the most authentic experience imaginable for those who lack the time or skill to build their own arcade.

MSRP: $2399.  Ships Nov 30th. 

X-Arcade Cocktail Arcade Cabinet "Space Race"
Xgaming, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA

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