Metal Slug Import Hands-On

It's been 10 years since the intensely difficult, gloriously grisly, nonstop carnage of Metal Slug lit up arcades, and to mark that anniversary, SNK Playmore is taking the franchise into the third dimension. The new game, which is simply titled Metal Slug 3D, recently hit stores in Japan. Gamespot nabbed an import copy and played through the first several missions to see if the game stands as a fresh new direction for the series, or an abhorrent defiling of the Metal Slug name.


There are no announced plans as of yet to release Metal Slug in the US, unless it is somehow related to Metal Slug Wii. If you're a diehard fan and are curious to see what the game is like, this would make a decent import (All the dialogue and menus are in English).

Check Out Metal Slug 3D Screens & Gameplay Footage {gamespot}

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