New: X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit

First generation X-Arcade Joysticks only outputted and connected to a Keyboard PS/2 port. With the evolution of the computer industry, these ports have been phased out and most devices connect via USB. All Current generation X-Arcade Joysticks can connect to a computer via Keyboard PS/2 and USB, so this kit will upgrade any 1st generation/older PS-2 Keyboard Only X-Arcade to USB output/connection.

Add USB Support To 1st Generation X-Arcade!

Get yourself the most current generation technology used in the X-Arcade with a kit allowing you to directly connect your X-Arcade to any computer via included USB Cable. The bundle includes both PCB and the USB Cable. You will need to pop open the bottom of the X-Arcade, disconnect the jumper cables from old PCB and replace. The entire process should take about 10 min and requires little or no technical experience.

This is the board for customers owning a PS-2 Keyboard Only X-Arcade



New Version: Big Upgrades

15 Simultaneous Button Presses

This latest-revision PCB features a new chip design which can handle 12 simultaneous inputs/key commands and 3 additional using the modifiers (CTR, ALT, SHIFT).  

Change Modes Without Pressing Load Button

Due to feedback from customers, we removed the requirement to press the load button to change modes (which could be difficult if your controller or PCB is mounted in a cabinet)

Uses Arrow Keys For Player 1

No more issues with pressing the num-lock key as this new board uses the actual arrow keys (not num-lock keys)

Improved Speed

Newly designed board circuitry provides un-rivaled performance and speed. 

Upgrade To Current Generation X-Arcade Electronics!

Older model X-Arcades cannot connect via USB, this board includes all electronics and cables to allow you direct connection to any computer's USB port, just like a current generation keyboard. Works With All Previous, Current And Future X-Arcade Adapter Versions (Sold Separately)  

Why Does This New Board Have A PS-2 Connection?

This current generation upgrade board can output to a computer with either USB port, or older keyboard PS-2 port.   It also has a PS-2 INPUT port for you to connect a PS-2 keyboard to program the X-Arcade. No USB inputs are available.  

The OLD PS-2 PCB Required Keyboard Connection, Does The NEW USB One?

The 1st generation X-Arcade PS-2 PCB required a Keyboard connected via the PS-2 Keyboard input to operate. This new version USB PCB DOES NOT REQUIRED any keyboard to be connected to the X-Arcade PCB. You connect directly from the X-Arcade PCB to any available USB port.

How Many X-Arcade Versions Exist?

Only (2) X-Arcade Versions exist, the first generation with PS-2 Only, and the "current" generation used in all X-Arcade sold that have built-in USB support.  This kit will upgrade the 1st generation X-Arcade you own to have the same electronics as the current version. 


  • X-Arcade Joystick & Screwdriver
  • Compatible With Any X-Arcade

Do I Need This Upgrade?

If you DO NOT HAVE A USB Connection/Cable with your X-Arcade, you can purchase this upgrade.  If you have any doubts about which version X-Arcade you have, before purchasing, please see this image here.  (If you have PS-2, you can buy this to upgrade to USB).

What's Included

  • X-Arcade™ BYO Upgrade PCB 
  • PS/2 Keyboard And USB Dongle
  • Connect Via PS/2 or USB (Includes cables)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
  • Toll Free And Online Live Technical Support

See video on how to do this replacement 

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