X-Arcade 5in1: Wii, PS2, PS1, Gamecube, Dreamcast

Compatible With Any X-Arcade™

Inject the arcade experience into your home with this special bundle kit for your X-Arcade™ Joystick. Get ultra-quick, lag-free control for 1-2 Players on multiple systems: Nintendo Wii™, Nintendo Gamecube™ , Playstation 1™, Playstation 2™ and Sega Dreamcast™

New DualStick Mode

Competition-level performance directly on 5 different game system and the new "DualStick" mode to control console games requiring the use of 2 joysticks, like Robotron™ or SmashTV™.

DualStick Mode & Lag Free Design

The standard layout allows your X-Arcade to control 2 separate players.  However, some games like Robotron use (2) Joysticks for 1 Player, so we created a special new mode in additional to the standard 2 Player Layout.

DualStick Mode converts the right joystick of any X-Arcade™ 2 Player into the right analog thumbstick of a gamepad. 

Inject authentic control on classic arcade titles which use 2 simultaneous digital joysticks. This new mode is NOT recommended for 1st person shooters which need analog control. 

X-Arcade joystick 5in1 dualstick mode


  • Supports Nintendo Wii™, Nintendo Gamecube™ , Playstation 1™, Playstation 2™ and Sega Dreamcast™
  • Ultra-quick lag-free performance
  • Dualstick Mode: Authentic control for Robotron™, SmashTV™, Crazy Climber™,  Karate Champ™ and more!
  • 5in1 Adapter Setup and Help Page

Help Guide

Check out the 5in1 Adapter Setup and Help Page for information on changing modes (Digital D-Pad, Thumbstick, Analog) and general setup/support information.

What's Included

  • 5 Game System Adapter 1 or 2 Players
  • Connectors For 2 Players On Wii, PS2, PS1, Gamecube, Dreamcast Adapter
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
  • Toll Free And Online Live Technical Support
  • Compatible With All X-Arcade (Including 1st Generation w/PS/2)

Nintendo® Wii™ game support is available on Virtual Console games via Gamecube controller connection. The Wii adapter will not support motion-sensing titles.Bundle Game System Adapter kits do not include retail packaging.  

The Trackball is not supported by the X-Adapter™. You may however be able to use the trackball in the USB port of your console directly.

How The X-Arcade Plugs Into A Game Console.

The X-Arcade™ is recognized by your console as a regular console gamepad, plug directly between your X-Arcade using the Console Cable included with any X-Arcade and any of the 5 supported game systems.  No Console Cable is included with this bundle.




5in1 button layout

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