X-Arcade Trackball Assembly: USB


The X-Arcade™ Trackball Assembly is a commercial grade, arcade quality trackball designed for use in any consumer or industrial application requiring mouse-style control.

Connect Via PS2 or USB!

Designed to meet the demands of industrial applications, the trackball utilizes the top-rated Sharp™ 85 photocoupler from Japan for high-performance optical recognition.


X-Arcade™ Trackball Assembly Applications

  • Easily add analog mouse control to your project
  • Instant compatibility with any OS: PC, Mac™, Linux--no drivers required
  • Ideal replacement trackball for arcade machine
  • #1 solution for MAME™
  • Government, Academic and Commercial project integration support

Designed to meet the demands of performance-minded enthusiasts, the trackball utilizes the highest-rated photocoupler on the market from Sharp Electronics™ to ensure the most precise optical sensing and performance.

Exhibiting master craftsmanship, uncompromising attention to detail and backed by a lifetime warranty, your Trackball Kit is positioned as a higher-quality, lower-cost alternative to the Happ Controls or Betson Imperial units.

Compare to similar industrial trackball kits costing over $150.


Trackball Component Price Change

This trackball uses a number of components from Japan and as a result of the Japanese Tsunami last year: materials have increased in price. We have been forced to permanently adjust the MSRP of this item.

X-Arcade™ Trackball Assembly Features

  • Unbreakable high-grade poly carbonate construction
  • Case design includes flat lip to smooth control and movement
  • Exceptional performance and precision is achieved from iterative hardened steel shafts
  • Manufacturing and assembly process completed in "dust-free" environment compared to "open warehouse" of alternative trackball makers
  • Tested and preferred by elite gamers for superior performance
  • Built like a tank, backed by the leading warranty amongst all trackball suppliers
  • Powerful optics work even under dirty and dusty conditions
  • Unique design requires NO MOUNTING PLATE. Simply use a router to cut out 5-7/8” by 5-7/8” down to ¼”. Cut 2-7/8” hole for lip/ball. Smart design, easy to install!
  • Trackball Assembly Installation/Instructions

NO Gimmicks, Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty

X-Arcade™ is built to be bulletproof, and so is the warranty that comes with it. XGAMING Lifetime Warranty covers your X-Arcade™ Trackball for LIFE. It’s that simple. No gimmicks, industry leading warranty.

No other company selling a device like this has the huevos to offer such a warranty. Ever wonder why? Oh yeah! ... you'll also get Toll Free Support, Online Live Help, and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Just click on the link and follow the instructions to get a free Maximus Arcade license with your Trackball purchase.  

What's Included

  • Trackball Assembly, 10FT PS/2 and USB Connection
  • Maximus Arcade License $25 Value (Follow Instructions On Maximus Arcade For Obtaining Code)
  • Includes (4) bolts with mounting
  • Includes (4) black arcade buttons and (4) micro-switches
  • Connectivity Cables for left, right, middle mouse click
  • Connectivity cable for horizontal disabler button
  • Industry standard 3" diameter ball
  • Horizontal Disabler (Golf Cheat)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 100% Fully Serviced Lifetime Warranty
  • Toll Free And Online Live Technical Support
  • To Install, Use a router to cut out 5-7/8” by 5-7/8” down to 1/4”. Cut 2-7/8” hole for lip/ball.

Product Reviews 

As with all our products, computer and gaming industry experts enthusiastically endorse the Trackball as the #1 industrial trackball available.  These reviews feature the Trackball in a wooden case no longer in production.

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