27" LED Arcade Monitor Wells Gardner



27" LED Arcade Monitor Wells Gardner

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27" LED Arcade Monitor Wells Gardner

Industrial Grade LED Arcade Monitor
We scoured the planet for the best 27" LED Arcade Monitor available and came up with this official replacement for any discontinued arcade standard CRT Arcade Monitor which can replace your 25 or 27" CRT. Versatile enough to run your favorite classic arcade video games, replace existing displays and easily connects to any computer as a standard high-resolution monitor.


  • Overview
    • Great Replacement For Your Existing Tri-Mode CRT!

      LED Display Supports Resolution!
      In addition to CGA to VGA capability, higher resolution makes this kit a very practical replacement choice as well as a stylish upgrade to previous CRT Arcade Monitors.
      1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz
      New Multi-Sync CRT ReplacementLooking to replace or upgrade your existing old-school CRT monitor in your machine?  This is a great replacement for nearly any 24, 25 or 27" CRT Arcade Monitor.   This display is multi-sync and is compatible with resolutions of CGA, EGA, VGA.  (old-school and brand new arcade cabinets, CGA/EGA kit optional).

      If you add the/mounting kit it will allow upgrade/replacement of a a 25" or 27" display.  

      The optional CGA/EGA kit is required for lower resolution use. 

      Specs For 27" Wells Gardner Open Frame LED Arcade Monitor

    • Specs

      • LED Back Lighting
      • Lower Power Consumption
      • Energy Efficient
      • UL Safety
      • FCC Approved
      • 12V DC Input
      • MoniCU Support
      • Optional CGA/EGA Kit
      • VGA/DVI Input
    • Common Questions

      Will it fit?

      A: The specs/mounting dimensions are listed on bottom of each page---so get out a measuring tape and verify if the width/height will support your installation.  We don't have the ability to verify the specs of all arcade machines and applications. Please note: We offer no returns or exchanges on monitors for any reason whatsoever, so please confirm you have ordered the correct model for your application.

      How is your pricing so competitive?

      A: We are an approved Wells distributor and use their monitors in our X-Arcade Machine, so our volume provides a very competitive price.

      What Machines can this be used to replaced?

      A: You can use this to replace your commercial arcade machine and upgrade to a new digital LED screen with upgraded resolution.  Depending on the size of your existing monitor and bracket system, you will need to modify your brackets to support the new dimension monitor. Please see the spec sheet for more information and you should measure your machine to determine compatibility. 

      Do I need any special adapter for my computer?

      A: No. The display plugs directly into your computer's video card with VGA or DVI connection. 

      Do I have to do anything extra to run Windows™ or OSX™

      A: No. This runs on any os just like a standard computer monitor.

      Can I play games or watch DVD movies?

      A: Of course, this is merely an industrial grade computer monitor.

      How do I get my monitor to run in CGA mode?

      A: You must purchase a $19.99 CGA/EGA adapter on the drop-down menu.

      What is the warranty and how does it work?

      A: If your monitor breaks within 12 months, we either ship replacement parts or a replacement. We also provide a pre-paid return shipping label so you don't incur any costs returning the defective unit. (48 States Only) International customers are responsible for all shipping charges both ways.

      What are shipping charges?

      A: The charge in USA 48 States is $19.99, FEDEX GROUND ONLY.

    • Ideal replacement for ANY 25", 27" or commercial-grade Arcade Machine

      Please note: We offer no returns or exchanges on monitors for any reason whatsoever, so please confirm you have ordered the correct model for your application. 

      NOTE: This item only qualifies for Fedex Ground Shipping, no express options are available.

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