29" Tri-Mode CRT Arcade Monitor CGA/EGA/VGA



29" Tri-Mode CRT Arcade Monitor CGA/EGA/VGA


  • Tri-Mode Arcade Monitor: 29 Inches
  • Tri-Mode Arcade Monitor: 29 Inches
  • Tri-Mode Arcade Monitor: 29 Inches

29" Tri-Mode CRT Arcade Monitor CGA/EGA/VGA


Massive Flat Screen 29 Inch. Arcade Monitor
Authentic Tri-Mode arcade monitor for CGA, EGA or VGA output. This monitor is for Arcade Replacments and Arcade Enthusiasts as it displays your favorite arcade classics in their original refresh rates and settings. Versatile enough to run your favorite classic arcade video games, replace existing displays or be recognized by any computer as a standard monitor.
29 Inch. CRT Arcade Monitor
Designed for the true arcade purists, arcade classics will come to life in their native refresh rates and resolutions. Why settle for anything less than the real monitor used in the top-selling Arcade Machines. For Computer/MAME use, we suggest to purchase the SVGA 800x600 alternative This monitor uses Analog adjustments, so you must manually change display settings on the monitor itself for any change in resolution/refresh.
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  • Overview
    • 29" Flat-Screen Arcade Monitor:

      Supports Standard CGA, Medium EGA and VGA (640x480) Resolutions and is a drop-in replacement for Golden Tee, Golden Tee Fore, and Golden Tee Fore 2002-2005. This is a perfect fit for retrofitting old amusement cabinets with new, computer-based games or running arcade classics in their original resolutions.  Includes a special RGB board for connecting to your EGA/CGA RGB HV connections.

      We realize many customers are disappointed Wells Gardner has discontinued their CRT monitor production, but the good news is that this Makvision 29" Display (27" viewable) is an excellent alternative for replacement in existing arcade machines or computer-based MAME arcade kits. You can consider this an upgrade to the Wells Gardner 27" WG 9200, fitting in the same chassis.  

      Unlike the SVGA 800x600 alternative this Tri-Mode only has a maximum resolution of 640x480 (vs 800x600) but has the added function of supporting the lower resolution/refresh rates of older games at EGA/CGA.

      What's Included

      • Arcade Monitor
      • Power Cable (Ships Separately From Monitor)
    • Should I Buy SVGA or TRI-MODE Monitor?

      Since we are carrying the 29” CRT arcade monitors in both the SVGA 800x600 model and Tri-Mode CGA/EGA/VGA model, we receive many questions regarding compatibility. Both monitors will provide an authentic and realistic arcade look for your classic games.

      Will It Fit?

      The specs/mounting dimensions are listed on bottom of each page---so get out a measuring tape and verify if the width/height will support your installation. We don't have the ability to verify the specs of all arcade machines and applications.  We offer no returns or exchanges, it is your responsibility to ensure you are ordering the correct monitor.


      Use the information below to determine which is right for your application:

      SVGA 800x600: For Computer/MAME use we suggest the SVGA model. It will work just like a standard monitor, with a standard VGA connection capable of either 640x480x60hz or 800x600x60hz resolution. This monitor is #1 for MAME and Arcade Cabinet projects using a computer.

      Tri-Mode CGA/EGA/VGA : The Tri-Mode monitor is ideally suited for a replacement for an existing arcade machine and JAMMA based setups. While this Tri-Mode can support lower resolutions/refresh rates, it uses an Analog Video Input. So if your game displays in one of the alternative 3 modes, you need to physically and manually change the mode on the monitor itself. This Tri-Mode monitor is for an arcade machine which will be set to one of the three modes PERMANENTLY. This makes it an unlikely option for a standard computer/MAME user. To use this monitor with a PC you would need a special Arcade VGA video card (and we don’t sell these).

    • Common Questions

      Why is a CRT so much more expensive than standard LCD or computer monitor?

      A: We This CRT is a real, authentic arcade monitor. That means it is capable of displaying arcade games in their original, arcade authentic form: scan lines, resolution, etc.  Although LCD or computer monitor has higher resolution, they are not capable of displaying classic arcade games in their native form, thereby decreasing authenticity. Scanlines are "faked" with an LCD, but come natural on a CRT.

      Is this better than an LCD?

      A: This monitor should be purchased if you want an authentic arcade experience. Although an LCD is much cheaper and has "better" resolution graphics, an LCD was not designed for old-school arcade games in mind. This monitor was made exclusively for use in arcade games.  While an LCD is a much better-priced option, you should purchase this display if authenticity is the most important thing for you.

      What is a Monitor Bezel?

      A: A bezel is the decorative black plastic material which covers the areas outside of the monitor glass to give a clean appearance to any cabinet. This bezel can be purchased and used with any 25-29"" flat screen monitor. If you are replacing the monitor "only" and you already had a flat-screen monitor/bezel, you won't need to include the bezel. If this is a new project, or you are switching from standard to flat screen, you will need the bezel for $39.95

      What Machines can this be used to replaced?

      A: You can use this to replace any 25-29" commercial arcade machine which supports 38Khz refresh. This is a great option for a MAME Arcade Machine Cabinet due to one of the top resolutions of any arcade monitor.  Please note you will need to purchase the flat-screen bezel for enclosing the monitor.

      Should I use this display for the Mame Machine I'm building?

      A: If your intent is to play classic arcade games, this is the best option available. Wells Gardner has discontinued their CRT and this was 2nd-best selling CRT available.

      Do I need any special transformer or adapter to power it?

      A: Includes a VGA Switching Cable for Arcade Machine use and standard power cable for Computer/Game Console use. 

      Do I need any special adapter for my computer?

      A: No. The display plugs directly into your computer's video card. Note: The connection is VGA, not DVI.  Includes a special RGB board for connecting to your EGA/CGA RGB HV connections.

      Do I need to use scanlines with Weiya M29TRI?

      A: No. The display has natural scanlines; no software scanlines are necessary, providing authentic and realistic visuals.

      Do I have to do anything extra to run Windows™ or OSX™ on the M29TRI?

      A: No. The M29TRI can run any os just like a standard computer monitor.

      Can the M29TRI display 32bit color?

      A: Yes. The M29TRI can handle 256-32bit color.

      Can I play games or watch DVD movies on my M29TRI?

      A: Of course, this is merely an industrial grade computer monitor. 

      What is the warranty and how does it work?

      A: If your monitor breaks within 12 months, we either ship replacement parts or a replacement.  International customers are responsible for all shipping charges both ways.

      What are shipping charges?

      A: Add the item to cart to see shipping price.

      Ideal replacement for 25", 27" or 29" commercial-grade Arcade Machine

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