Indestructible Arcade Joystick 2 Pack


The X-Arcade™ 4/8 Way Real Arcade Stick is the industry standard for arcade machines worldwide! Commercial grade, arcade quality, authentic arcade joystick designed for use in any arcade application.


With the X-Arcade ™ Joystick you'll be able to recreate the classic, nostalgic arcade experience instantly and effortlessly. These sticks can be used for classic arcade games, fighting games, 4 way classics, 8 way games and virtually any game. Just connect to your arcade machine or any electronic source for instant play!

Limited Time Special, Includes (2) Joysticks


  • Use In New Arcade Machines, Panels or Controller's
  • Replacement For Existing Arcade Machines Or Arcade Joystick Projects
  • Homebrew Arcade Joystick Projects
  • Homebrew Arcade Machine/Cabinet Projects
  • Commercial Grade Control Devices In Museum or Exhibition 
  • X-Arcade Spare Parts

New Competition-Grade Microswitches!

Redesigned X-Arcade™ microswitches built with fully automated production process and made to withstand over 10 million cycle input, exceeding industry standard tests for arcade controls..

NO Gimmicks, Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty

X-Arcade™ is built to be bulletproof, and so is the warranty that comes with it. XGAMING Lifetime Warranty covers your X-Arcade parts for LIFE. It's that simple. No gimmicks, we back up an industry leading warranty.

No other gaming company on the planet has the huevos to offer such a warranty. Ever wonder why? Oh yeah! ... you'll also get Toll Free Support, Online Live Help, and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

What's Included

Dimensions / Specifications

Joystick Dimensions Diagram

Switch terminals: .25 inch (6.3 mm))

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