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Arcade Machine Replacement Keys

  • Arcade Machine Replacement Keys

Arcade Machine Replacement Keys

Replacement key sets
Replacement keys for your arcade machine or coin door. Please read options below for details on which to order.
Replacement Key - No Lock Included


  • Overview
    • Replacement Key Options:

      There are (2) different key sets available and either set includes a total of (2) replacement keys.  Please carefully read the key versions to ensure you order for your arcade machine.

      Happ D25 Key:

      This is a silver key used on all current generation arcade machines.  The Happ D25 Key set is shown below. When you order, you'll be given the (2) replacement keys, and the entire lock.


       X-Arcade Machines use this key for opening the Front Door and Back Entry Panels.  Your key should look like a standard key.

      The Happ D-25 Key is also used on all Arcade2TV Pedestal for the rear access panel and front control panel area.

      Xgaming 3016 Key:

      This key can be used on all 2011 and earlier X-Arcade Machine or any Xgaming Coin Door.  You'll notice it does not look like a regular key, so please verify you order the correct key version. 

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